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Merge Survival : Wasteland

Merge Survival : Wasteland

1.17.1 by StickyHands Inc.
(0 Reviews) September 30, 2023
Merge Survival : Wasteland Merge Survival : Wasteland Merge Survival : Wasteland Merge Survival : Wasteland Merge Survival : Wasteland Merge Survival : Wasteland

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September 30, 2023
StickyHands Inc.
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Get ready to embrace the autumn vibes with our delightful seasonal affair! Gather up those charming acorns to delight our friendly squirrels and unlock a treasure trove of rewards that will leave you feeling truly fulfilled!


I'm Eden. Since the cataclysmic event that reshaped our world, I've been a nomad, searching for sanctuary amidst the ruins, hoping to find solace in a shelter, a hamlet, or perhaps a grand estate.

The aftermath of widespread selfishness has left our once vibrant surroundings in ruin, transforming them into desolate wastelands devoid of affection and sustenance. Every dwelling, every urban expanse, each majestic mansion lies in utter ruin.

Navigating this chaos alone is an arduous and isolating ordeal. Is survival even conceivable in such a desolate realm?...

Ah, you! I believe you can aid me in my quest for refuge. A mansion surrounded by verdant gardens would be a boon beyond measure.

Might you lend your assistance, guiding me through these forsaken towns and gardens, ensuring my safety and survival amidst this sea of despair?

This venture is unlike any other, transcending the mere mechanics of merging—it's a test of resilience and resourcefulness.

In "Merge Survival," a pinnacle among merge games, you'll delve into the trials of existence in a world ravaged by environmental calamity and collapse. Merge disparate elements to forge the tools of survival amidst the wreckage, uncovering new resources and hidden enclaves as you traverse the barren landscape.

Establish an "Eco-Friendly Camp," forging a symbiotic bond with nature and fellow survivors alike. If you harbor a fondness for survival and merge games, then delay not—embark upon this odyssey without delay!

Embark upon an amalgamation of survival and storytelling, where encounters, conflicts, and camaraderie intertwine amidst the ruins. The tales of those who persevere in the face of adversity await your discovery.

Craft your haven amidst the chaos, venturing forth to uncover clandestine locales and establish vital resource nodes. Construct facilities for resource reclamation or seek out elusive treasures hidden within the wreckage. Perhaps even a mansion awaits your discovery.

Engage in strategic resource management, ensuring the acquisition of essentials such as water and oxygen while maintaining your vitality with delectable treats like pies and chocolates.

If the allure of survival and puzzle merge games beckons to you, then heed the call of "Merge Survival: Wasteland" without hesitation! Forge your sanctuary through the art of merging and revel in the camaraderie of a cozy camp, for in this journey, companionship eclipses opulence.

Embark upon the ultimate merge game experience today.

We kindly request access to your memory for the sake of seamless game progression.

For assistance, please consult Customer Support via Settings or email us at mobilehelp@help.pmang.com.

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